Monthly Archives: February 2017

Family Portraits!

Finally we finished these. They have been weeks in the making! We drew our families. We tried to think of everyone that was important to us. Some of us found it hard to fit everyone onto the paper. Some times very important people like mum and dad ended up as a tiny blot because the […]

On the Weekend!

On the weekend ………. I went to Scarlet’s party. We were bouncing on the trampoline. Grace H I went to Scarlets  birthday. I got to play on the trampoline with Thea. Elaina I stayed home and played the play station with Lincoln. Cameron Lucas was pushing me on the swing at Scarlet’s party. Ela I […]

Meet Simon!

We had  a surprise visitor to our class today. His name is Simon the Skeleton!!!!!! He lives with Mrs Thieme and he came to work with her! Mrs Thieme made sure he wore his seat belt! She told us that his body parts kept dropping off as she was driving!!!!!!!! Poor Simon!

The Red Balloon!

Today Mrs Thieme read us one of her favourite books, “The Red Balloon”. She told us that it was published a very long time ago before she was even born! We were all amazed at this fact! Before Mrs Thieme was even born????……….. Wow! it must have been such a long time ago! We had […]

Scarlet’s Birthday Interview!

Scarlet turned 5 today  and  was interviewed by Seraphina (alias Mrs Thieme ) and answered the following questions! 1 Who are your most favourite people in the world? My mum! 2 What is your favourite colour?  Purple.  3 What do you like to watch on TV? ABC F0r Kids 4 What sport do you like […]

Happy Birthday Scarlet!

Happy 5th Birthday Scarlet! We hope you have a great day! We loved the cup cakes! They were so yummy! Thank you!

Human Body Facts!

These are some of the amazing facts we added to the pictures of our bodies! My brain tells me where to go. I like to go to New Zealand because my aunty and uncle are there. Callan The heart makes you love people. I love Ella-Rose. When she goes to Ireland Gracie and Elaina and […]

Overheard! The Poo Conversation!

There was a conversation over the colour of poo. Mrs Thieme is not quite sure how it started but someone was talking about the colour of poo and that it was always brown. Cameron was adamant that this was not always the case. He told the group of children at the table that “the seagulls […]


    We enjoyed making these sculptures out of pipe cleaners, beads and painted pasta.  We had to thread on the different sized beads. Some of the different types of pasta we  had to twist on! We used our imaginations. We could make our sculpture as detailed as we wished! Some of us spent a […]

The Teabag Rocket!

Yesterday Mrs Thieme  showed us a Tea bag rocket. We thought it was pretty cool when it rose in the air on fire!  We had been talking about Hot Air Balloons. We know that hot air makes the tea bag rise just like a hot air balloon. We also know that matches are just to […]