The Kissing Hand!


On the first day of school there are mixed emotions everywhere!  Some children are thrilled to be at school while others have  difficulty making the home to school transition.   Mrs Thieme read us “The Kissing Hand”.

It is a story about a little raccoon called Chester who is ready to start school. He talks about his fears to his mother, fears that most children have before beginning school.His mum comes up with a great solution to help her little raccoon remember that she loves him and is thinking about him even when she isn’t with him.She kisses his little palm and if he feels sad during the day he holds his palm to his heart and can feel his mother’s warmth. He then realises that his mum could also be sad with out him so him, so he kisses her hand too so she can hold it to her heart when she gets home and feels sad!

We talked about how we felt today!




  1. Clair Musker · · Reply

    I was teary reading this! Brilliant idea to keep us updated also. Thank you


    1. Thanks Clair. Glad you are enjoying it.:)


  2. Jess Parin · · Reply

    Now I understand why Tom wanted to kiss my hands on Thursday and Friday! So lovely to be able to keep up with what’s happening in class 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw! That’s so cute! 🙂


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