Welcome to Pre Primary!


Mrs Thieme wrote this little poem  about her son Ben’s first day in Pre Primary! ( He is now 19!)

My first day in Pre Primary
I held mums hand so tight
I didn’t want to let go
Didn’t want her out of sight.

I clutched my new Spider man bag
My lunch box was bright green
I wore my favourite T-shirt
Mum made sure that it was clean.

child-leapfrogThere were lots of other kids
The teacher looked nice too
Somebody was crying
Guess everyone was new.

The room did look exciting
Bricks and puzzles everywhere
Painting easels,paper, crayons
I could not help but stare.


Where would I begin?
I now felt no fear
The teacher smiled at me
I thought, “I’ll like it here”.

But then there was the goodbye
Mum told me to be brave
She told me to be good
To remember to behave.

I said I would be just fine
I knew that would be so
Then she gave me a bear hug
But wouldn’t let me go.

Then to my horror she announced
That she would like to stay
To help me settle in a bit
To sit and watch me play.

“Thanks mum”, I told her
“I’m OK just say goodbye”
Her face it did screw up
I thought that she would cry.

She pulled me tightly to her
The tears ran down her face
I hoped no one was watching
This was rather a disgrace.

I was feeling happy
It was mum who was the mess
Mum who was so nervous
So worried and distressed.

I kissed her gently on the cheek
Then pulled away so slow
I gave her a cheery smile
Then turned to the play dough.

She got up very bravely
Gave a little sob, not loud
She wiped her tears and walked away
Boy, did she do me proud
Tanya Thieme



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