Our Class Rules!

rulesOn Friday Mrs Thieme asked us why we need rules. Zoe answered “We don’t want to hurt anybody!”

Too true. We need rules to stay safe and happy!

Mrs Thieme asked us if we could come up with some rules that we thought were important! This is what some of us thought! Some of us had a lot to say!

No breaking someones glasses. Mason

Say please. Grace H

No climbing trees. Elaina

Be nice to your teacher. Tori  Mrs Thieme though this was a great one. 🙂

No destroying things. Declan

No punching people in the face. Sabrina

If someone is hurt be kind to them. Ela

Take turns. Noah

No kicking people. Tom

No running. Lilly

No hurting people. Gracie

Do not hit people. Sean

Be nice. Spencer

Be nice to people when it is their birthday. Ela

No punching stuff. Declan

Be brave at school. Lilly

Don’t walk backwards or you could fall over and hurt someone. Ela

No punching people. Tom

No running in class. Cameron

You are not allowed to kick. Mason

No jumping in class. Noah

Don’t cry. Ahmed

No tickling people or they will fall over. Tom

No taking the name tags home. Ella-Rose

Look at the teacher. Mason

No wrecking the books. Declan

When someone is not nice walk away from them. Zoe

No carrying people. Scarlet

Don’t talk when the teacher’s talking. Grace M

Do not hit. Ben

Listen to the teacher. Callan

No kicking people. Cameron

No going crazy. Declan

Wow! What a lot of amazing thoughts! 🙂



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  1. Jess Parin · · Reply

    Such great rules!!


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