On the Weekend!


We told Mrs Thieme all about our weekend!

I stayed at home and watched Peppa Pig on TV. Callan

 watched Monster trucks with my sister and my daddy. Ella-Rose

I went to a bike park with Eva my sister. Scarlet

I went to a party when it wasn’t even Ren’ birthday.We played a pinata. Zoe

I had a book and my Grandma and Grandad went away to Wales. Ela

I went in the pool and had a Kinder egg. Grace M

I played Star Wars Lego with my mummy and daddy and sister and brother and my daddy built it for us. Lilly

I went on a bike track with my mum and brother.I rode a big bike. Spencer

I was building Star Wars Lego. Declan

I went to my friends house and came back home. Sabrina

I had a swim in the pool. Tori

I watched Ghost busters with Daddy. Elaina

I went to hospital with mum. Now she’s back at college. That’s her school. Gracie

I sleep in a tent with my daddy and mummy and my brother at home. The tent was on the grass. Cameron

I had a swim in the pool and there was three pools. Noah

Mum made pizza with tomato sauce. Ahmed

I went with mummy to the movies. We saw “Home.” Grace H

I went to the park with my dad. Emily

I went swimming with Louise and then we got out and we goed home. Tom

I went to the park with my sister. Ben

I went on a holiday to the beach and I went with my dad and my sister. Mason


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