Wow! This unseasonable rain is amazing! We are not used to so much rain……and in February!

On Friday we had a discussion about the rain. Did we like it or did we wish it would go? We had to come up with a reason to support our answer. We did so well!

In support of the rain!

I like the rain because………..

You can splash in it. Scarlet

I like to swim in the pool in the rain. Grace H

You can swim in it. Sabrina

You get to feel it. Elaina

It feels like the sea. Spencer

It makes the pool deeper. Tori

It cools you if you are getting too hot. Gracie

The rain makes me get wet and I like getting wet. Ela

The rain plants the flowers. Tyanu

I like jumping in muddy puddles. Emily

I like to stomp in muddy puddles. Ahmed

It feels like a shower. Ella-Rose

We can jump in muddy puddles. Zoe

It feels nice when it’s dark and you are sleeping. Tom

I like to splash in the puddles and I wear my yellow raincoat. Declan

We can drink it. Noah

It can make the plants grow. Callan

It fills the ocean. Cameron

It makes the flowers grow and you can pick them for mummy. Grace M

Four of us were not happy with the rain!

I don’t like to get wet and cold. Lilly

I don’t want to get wet.  Sean

My clothes get wet. Mason

You get wet. Ben

Wonderful answers!



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