On the Weekend!


First thing today, we told Mrs Thieme something about our weekend!

Three hospital visits?

I played golf with my brother and me and my brother won. Spencer

We went out to the shops. Gracie

I went to the hospital. I had gromits in my ears.I still have them so I need ear plugs. Noah

I watched a movie. I watched ‘Storks.” Tori

I went fishing with my mum and my brother and my dad and I got a big fish. Cameron

I played golf. Sean

I did craft. I made a lot of things out of little boxes. Elaina

I saw a fish at the beach. Emily

I went to a party. We played games. Zoe

I watched a movie. I watched ‘The cat in the Hat.” Callan

My friend came to my house and I played with him. Sabrina

I went to “Go Bananas” and daddy got stuck in the tunnel. Ahmed

I went to the park and played with my sister. Mum took us. Ben

I went shopping with mummy. Grace M

I played Shopkins with Anya. Ella-Rose

I went to hospital. My sister was sick with blood eyes.. She’s still at the hospital. Mason

I went to the movies and the park. Tyanu

Last night I read a book and it was my favourite book and it was called Tarzan. Ela

I went to hospital because mum was sick. Declan

I did painting. I painted a rainbow. Scarlet



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