What is Love?


Valentine’s  Day is today. Over the last 2 days Mrs Thieme asked us what we knew about love!

Not all of us gave our opinion but this is what some of us had to say! Some of us had a lot to say!

Love is………

Sharing stuff with people.  Cameron

When you give someone a pet. Mason

When you give people a special present. Elaina

When you go to the shops and  buy something and give it to someone else. Tori

When you love people. Mason

Making something for one of your friends. Elaina

Giving someone a   really big hug. Zoe

Doing work like drawings and show them to mum and dad. Cameron

When it is snowing and your mum and your dad and your brother and sister all go outside and play in the snow Noah

Giving someone a pair of shoes. Ela

Being friends with your sisters and brothers. Callan

Going ice skating together. Gracie

Giving someone a new pencil if another pencil doesn’t draw. Mason

When you like frogs and I like rabbits too.We find all of them at Nannup and its a very long drive.  Tom

When someone else loves another person and that person loves them. Zoe

When you keep something you really want. Declan.  

When a person loves someone so much. Ela.  

Kissing and cuddling. Grace H

When mummy gives you a big hug. Ahmed. 

Ice creams. Tom

Getting married. Declan

Giving a big hug. Scarlet

Giving someone an ice-cream. Zoe

 When you give someone a dress. Mason

When someone gives you flowers. Ella-Rose

When you love girls and you be friends with them. Noah

When you kiss someone.  Declan

Whenyou like gold. Tom

When you hug someone. Spencer

When you give someone some cookies. Grace M

Kissing and hugging.  Ben

When you kiss mummy. Lilly



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