Look how Tall we are!

We were trying to work out who was the tallest in the class!!! What could we do?  Zoe had a good idea. ” We should get a tape and measure” Grace H suggested”stand up and a person puts something down your side.” Gracie then said “If someone is big and someone is little we can get them to stand close and then we can see!” Mason suggested  “everyone should stand up next to someone  and measure how tall they are” That is what we did!!!

We made a big long line!! We then made paper faces and measured how tall we were with a long strip of paper!

Tori is the tallest in the class closely followed by Grace M .

week-3-term-1-008 week-3-term-1-009 week-3-term-1-010 week-3-term-1-011 week-3-term-1-012



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