On the Weekend!


On the Weekend ……………………………………………………………..

I go to the park and play. Emily

I went swimming at Nans. Declan

I went into outer space with mummy. I sat on seats. Ahmed

We went to a scooter park. Spencer

I sleeped in my mum’s bedroom. Tyanu

My friend came to my house and I played and then I went to my friends house to do my hair. Sabrina

We went tot he shops. Grace H

I blew up a pool and my brother’s jocks got stuck on the roof, even mummy’s jocks. We throwed them up there.  🙂 Tom

I went to Motocross. Its where you ride bikes and Nanny and Pop took me. Tori

I went tot he beach and swimmed. I found shells. Cameron

I went to Harry’s house for his birthday and I jumped on the bouncy castle and daddy forgot my bathers so I didn’t swim. Maybe next time daddy will bring them.I had cake and I played with Grace. Lilly

I went to the movies and I saw “Moana”. I went with my mummy and my daddy and my brother. Ela

I did painting of eggs for Easter. Elaina

I went to the beach with my family. Gracie

I went tot he park with daddy. Anya went too. Ella-Rose

I went to the becah with my dad. Sean

I pumped up my blow up. It has some big spots on it and also we keeped it up for the whole night. Noah

I went to Ruby’s party and I went on the water slide and the name of it was Outback Splash. Zoe

I went in the pool with my mummy and my daddy and Leo and me. Grace M

I played games with my sister and my daddy. We played Monopoly Junior. The person who wins has the most money. Callan

I went in the pool with my sister Eva and my other sister Holly. Scarlet

I was in the park. I played at the park with my mum and my sister. I brought in tomato plants. Ben

I got four geese, one boy and three girls. They live in a chook house.They are all white. They have a bath in my chook house and at night time they hop in and swim. Mason




  1. Jess Parin · · Reply

    I feel like I need to explain…….!!!!


    1. No explanation needed! Haha! He does come out with the funniest stories! Love it!


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