Using a Stethoscope!


Today we used a real stethoscope !  Mrs Thieme  showed it to us and asked us if we knew what it was called. Spencer  said it was “A heart beeper”. Declan said “It’s the thing you put on your heart”. Pretty good guesses! Elaina came up with the exact right word!  “Stethoscope”! We wanted to check if our hearts were all beating and we were alive! Mrs Thieme was sure we were but we all wanted to check anyway! 

She tried to trick us by checking her foot and her head for a heart beat!She can’t trick us. We know where the heart is!

It was fun. We each used the stethoscope to listen to our partners heart beat.

Sabrina could not find Callan’s heart beat at first and we were all a bit worried but luckily she found it in the end.

We were all very relieved!




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