The Tiger who came to Tea!


Today Mrs Thieme read us the beautiful book “The Tiger who came to Tea” by Judith Kerr.

Once the tiger has eaten them out of house and home he leaves and the book tells us that he never came back.

Mrs Thieme asked us why the tiger did not come back?

What a silly question! How would we know? We told her we didn’t know!

Mrs Thieme then asked us to use our imagination and have a think and come up with a reason, any reason!! 

What did imagination mean?

Zoe told us “It’s when you think of something that’s happening in real life but it is not real.”

At first we all found this a little tricky! Slowly we started to get the hang of it! Some of  us still felt a little unsure but once we realized there is no wrong answer we started to become more confident.

The tiger did not come back because………………

He was scared. Tori

He had enough to eat. Declan

He was scared of the dog. Tom

It was nighttime and there was a monster and he ran back to his own house. Noah

He went to a cafe. Ela

He was scared of the stars. Ben

He ate too much food and he couldn’t eat any more .Tom

He us scared of the dark. Sabrina

He was sleepy. Mason

He was scared of the people.Ben

A crocodile chased him. Cameron

He might have been in a meeting . Scarlet

He went on an aeroplane . Grace M

He was so full and his tummy was was full for ever. Ela

He went to the shops to buy a cushion. Ella-Rose

He was having a shower in the pool. Gracie

He wanted to get a hair cut. Declan

He was going to a birthday. Ella Rose

There was a big dinosaur coming to get him and he ran home and tried to kill it. Zoe

He went to the shops and got his own food. Grace H

He went to the park. Emily

He hurt himself and he had to go to the doctor.Ela







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