The Body! Things we already know!

human-body-labeling-for-kidsWhat do we know about the human body? Mrs Thieme asked us at the beginning of the week!!

We actually know quite a lot!

This is what some of us had to say!

We have a nose to sniff. Grace M

We have a food pipe. Ela

We have a head .  Zoe

We have bones and when we fall over our bones break. Lilly

We have a tongue to taste. Declan

On TV I saw a girl who tried to to bite her couch and her mouth broke. Elaina

We have hands to touch things. Sabrina

We have teeth to chomp. Declan

We have a  mouth for smiling. Sabrina. 

We have a heart to stay safe. Tori

If you run too fast your toe bleeds. Ella-Rose

We have ears to help us listen. Zoe

The tongue helps you taste. Ben

We have legs for walking. Sabrina

We have eye lashes. Declan

We have a tongue to stick out. Lilly

We have skin. Spencer

If we take our whole body off we will be a skeleton. Noah

We have a brain to listen. Tom

I have eyes. I close them. Ahmed

Out spine keeps our back in place. Ela

The heart makes the blood move. Isaac

We have hair. Cameron

If you have no bones you can’t move. Mason

If you have no skin or blood but just bones you will fall over. Declan

We have eye brows. Elaina.

We have a skeleton. Ela


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