Ella-Rose’s Trip!

ireland-3Ella-Rose was telling us all about going on her big trip on a big plane to Ireland. We asked her why she was going.

“To see my granny and I’m going to play with dollies and I’m going to a wedding”

We asked her about the wedding. She told us that “Louise and Gary” were getting married “so they can have a white cake”

We were all excited about this! lots of “Oohhs” and “Aahhs”. We talked about why people get married!

Some of us knew the answer immediately!

To get a wedding ring. Grace M

Because they love each other. Ela

To play together. Cameron

So they can stay together. Tori

They can have a baby. Declan

They have to live together for ever. Tori

Kiss each other. Cameron

So they can hug each other. Zoe

So they can kiss. Gracie

So they can share toys. Noah.


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