Our Bodies!



We have been busy learning all about the human body!

We had to remember a lot of facts!

We were given an outline of a human body and had to make the organs with a variety of material! We then had to tell Mrs Thieme what the organs did!! Some of us remembered that the heart pumped the blood around the body and some of us said that the job of the heart was to make sure we loved our mums and dads!!!! Mrs Thieme thought that was a great answer!

We used a lot of different bits and pieces to make the organs. We used bubble wrap for the lungs and  beans for the kidneys. We used wool to make the intestines and we used a water balloon to show the stomach. We know that our stomach is a bit like a balloon and it stretches when we eat a lot. We thought it might explode with a big pop like a balloon if we were too full but Mrs Thieme told us this was unlikely!!!!!!!



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