Human Body Facts!


These are some of the amazing facts we added to the pictures of our bodies!

My brain tells me where to go. I like to go to New Zealand because my aunty and uncle are there. Callan

The heart makes you love people. I love Ella-Rose. When she goes to Ireland Gracie and Elaina and Bn will play with me. Tom

My heart is for loving. I love mummy daddy and Jade .Callan

My brain is for listening and learning.I like to learn new stuff because it is fun. Grace M

The kidneys clean the blood and make you run faster and faster. Lilly

My brain is to listen and to sit still and makes you put your hand up when you need the toilet. Lilly

The kidneys sort out the wee and I always do a wee in the morning. Tom

My heart puts blood around my body. I love my baby and my daddy and my mummy and my aunty. Emily

My brain is for listening and sitting.I like listening to animal noises. I like tigers and a cheetah.  Declan

A love heart is for when you marry and you have a new baby and it pumps blood round the body . Lilly

The heart helps the blood to go all round the body so you are alive. Your heart is for loving people.I love mummy daddy, my brother and my fish. Ela

My heart is for pumping blood in the middle.It is for loving mummy. Declan

My brain helps me to talk ad listen I like to talk about having pizza for dinner. Elaina

My heart is for loving people. I love Mason. Tyanu

The heart pumps blood around your body. It loves people. I love everybody in my family even my cousins and uncles and auntys. Grace M

My heart makes me love people. I love everyone in the  world. Gracie

My brain is for speaking. It tells you to follow your mum. Mason

The heart pumps the blood. It helps me to love mummy and daddy and my doggy called Winston. Grace H

Lungs help you to breathe so  you don’t get dead. Grace H

My brain is for talking. I like to talk about school. Tyanu

My brain tells me to sit down and cross my legs. Sean

I use my brain to listen to the teacher. The brain tells me to sit nicely on the mat. Zoe

The brain is to listen and blow bubbles. Ahmed

My brain is for listening to your teacher and I listen to mummy. She tells me to do jobs and I do it. My brother sometimes listens. Tom

My heart is to love people.I love my mum and my dad and my sister and my dog. Mason

Lungs are for breathing so we cans stay alive. Everyone has two but not Little Grandad.They disappeared and he died. Cameron

My brain helps me run. I can run fast and ride my bike. Sabrina

My heart is for loving people. I love my family. I love my dad because he takes me to work with him and he cooks yummy pancakes. Noah

The heart makes me me love my baby brother. Sabrina

The heart goes bump, bump. Ahmed

My brain is to listen to music. I listen to Pandora. Ben

My brain  helps me talk, It helps me bite. I like to bite lollies. Gummy ones. Scarlet

Intestines sort out the food.The bad food goes in the toilet. A bad food is chocolate ice cream,I eat it sometimes. It tastes yummy, My favourite ice cream is bubblegum and vanilla. Tom

My heart is bumping because it is pumping blood all around the body. Elaina

The food gets mashed up and blended  and then it goes into your bitsies and down the toilet. Gracie

The food goes in and gets all nixed and then it goes through the swirly bit. Tori

The heart is to love people and animals. I love my mum and my dad and my sister Olivia. It pumps the blood out. Ben

The heart sucks the blood and it helps people love each other. Zoe

My brain is for remembering stuff. I like to remember going to water bomb at Bali. I went there with grandma. Grace

Just gorgeous answers!


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