Family Portraits!


Finally we finished these. They have been weeks in the making! We drew our families. We tried to think of everyone that was important to us. Some of us found it hard to fit everyone onto the paper. Some times very important people like mum and dad ended up as a tiny blot because the family pet took up half a page!

We  made a pasta border. We had to concentrate and make a pattern with the different types of pasta. We were fabulous!

week-4-041 week-4-042 week-4-043 week-4-044 week-4-045 week-4-046 week-4-047 week-4-048 week-4-049  week-4-051 week-4-052 week-4-053 week-4-054 week-4-055 week-4-056 week-4-057 week-4-058 week-4-059 week-4-060 week-4-061 week-4-062 week-4-063



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