On the Weekend!


On the weekend ……….

I went to Scarlet’s party. We were bouncing on the trampoline. Grace H

I went to Scarlets  birthday. I got to play on the trampoline with Thea. Elaina

I stayed home and played the play station with Lincoln. Cameron

Lucas was pushing me on the swing at Scarlet’s party. Ela

I went to beach and I played at the playground with nanny. Tyanu

I went swimming. Sean

I go swimming with my mum. Emily

I had a hairdrier at aunty Tims. Alex was hiding and we were shooting him. Tom

I went to Scarlet’s party. I liked swimming. Sabrina

I went to the beach with my mummy and daddy and I swimmed. Tori

I went to martial arts.We say “Back off”. I got presents. I got a train. Ahmed

I went to the beach and I swimmed. Ben

I went in my new pool.I got my goggles.I saw some grass. I watched the Birdy movie. It’s really funny. Lilly

I watched movies with daddy and Leo. Mummy was ironing. Grace M

I go to the shops and I buy a new water bottle and some food. Noah

I went on a holiday to a beach house. Mason

I went to Scarlet’s birthday. I went on a water slide. Zoe

I watched the movie Trolls. Scarlet

I went sand boarding at the beach with my family. Declan

I stayed home and I played games.We played Monopoly Junior and Uno. Callan

I went to Scarlet’s birthday and I had Ariel cake. Gracie



  1. Clair Musker · · Reply

    Mummy was ironing!


    1. haha! Did think you got the raw deal!


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