Monthly Archives: March 2017

Sound waves through a hanger!

We have been learning about how sound travels to our ears! Today we did an experiment using a wire hanger and string to hear amazing sound! Sound waves are created by the vibration of an object (the wire hanger and string).  When vibrations hit your ear drum, your brain interprets the vibrations as sound.  When we […]

Making Popcorn, Senses and Mess!

This week we have been learning about our FIVE senses, so today we did something that used all five! We made Popcorn! We could   smell it, hear it, see it, touch it and taste it! Yum! Pity about the big Mess!!!!!!! 🙂

Noisy Chicks!

Our classroom is usually noisy enough! But today we made even more noise  than usual! We made  chicken sounds from a cup. We made the cup into a chicken.  The cup spreads the vibrations and makes them louder! All we realised was it sounds just like a chicken clucking!  You have to hold the cup firmly […]

Ella-Rose’s Birthday Interview!

Ella-Rose turns 5 on Sunday and  was interviewed by Sebastian (alias Mrs Thieme ) and answered the following questions! 1 Who are your most favourite people in the world? Tom. 2 What is your favourite colour?  Pink.  3 What do you like to watch on TV? Monster High. 4 What sport do you like best? […]

Happy Birthday Ella-Rose!

Happy Birthday Ella-Rose! Have a wonderful day on Sunday! Thank you for celebrating it with us today and thank you for the delicious cupcakes!

I feel Scared!

  I am scared of monsters in a spooky forest. Ahmed I am scared of the dark because my eyes can’t see in the dark. That means I am scared. Tom I am scared of nothing. Tyanu I feel scared when I watched a scary movie. I watched Ghostbusters. I was scared when all the slime came […]

The Giving Tree!

Yesterday Mrs Thieme read us the beautiful book “The Giving Tree” by Shel Siverstein. Mrs Thieme says this is her favourite book, but she says that about all her books!!! The cover of the book is in colour but all the illustrations in the inside are  in black and white! .We came up with some […]

The Smiles Belong To!

  The smiles belong to: 1. Grace M 2. Noah 3. Mason 4. Lilly 5. Gracie 6. Ela 7. Elaina 8. Tori 9. Tyanu 10. Grace H 11. Declan 12. Ben 13. Tom 14. Spencer 15. Cameron 16. Emily 17. Ahmed 18. Scarlet 19. Sean 20. Ella-Rose 21. Zoe 22. Callan 23. Sabrina

I feel Sad!

I feel sad! I am sad not sharing with Emily. Ahmed I feel sad when mummy and daddy tell me off and when I get hurt and I want to cry and cry. Ela I feel sad when my sisters don’t play with me and don’t let me join in playing with them. Gracie I feel […]

True Love!

Ben came up to tell Mrs Thieme: “Elaina  wants me to marry her and Grace H but I am marrying someone else. Her name is Grace Grundy. Elaina and Grace keep trying and I keep saying no. I can’t marry two people because the police don’t like it when you marry two people.”