Real Bones!


Mrs Thieme showed us a box of real bones. She asked us if anyone could guess what the bones once came from. Our hands were up in a flash. Ben thought they were bird bones and  Scarlet wondered whether they  belonged to an horse. Cameron thought they might belong to a camel and Tom was convinced it was a cow or a bull. Grace H guessed they might belong to a cat and Mason thought maybe a dinosaur.Tori thought it might be a penguin. Elaina had quite a few guesses. She wondered  if the bones could belong to a dragon, an elephant or the Vikings!

Ela thought they might have been from a bunny or a polar bear and Emily was sure they were from a tiger. Grace M thought maybe a rhinoceros and Declan guessed a sheep.

Gracie thought maybe the bones belonged to a dog.

Zoe thought they might be “People bones!” EEEk!

Sabrina went as far as to guess they were bones belonging to Mrs Thieme’s family!!!!! 🙂

Mrs Thieme assured us they were not human bones!


Great!! That was a good clue. We could now concentrate on animals!!! We carried on with a whole array of different animals but none quite right.

Then Mrs Thieme told us that the animal was Australian!  Great clue! We then thought of koalas and kangaroos, wombats, but still we were not right!

Mrs Thieme gave us another clue. The bones came from a small animal found on a small island. To get to this island we had to get a ferry from Perth!  It was Grace M who finally came up with the name Rottnest !!!!!! Well done Grace! Mrs Thieme was cheering!

So what animal lives on Rottnest? After a LOT more guessing Ela came up with the animal. A quokka or in this case many quokka skeletons!

Yes! They were actually quokka bones all the way from Rottnest! Well Done Ela!

Mrs Thieme assured us that the quokkas had died of natural causes! She told us that she had found them whilst walking with her dad on Rottnest Island !

There were lots of skulls and spines and little leg bones. We had fun trying to piece them together to find out which bones went where!





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