Broken Bones!


We looked at some real x-rays of broken bones that Mrs Thieme brought in to show us! They belonged to her son and daughter who broke them playing soccer and falling off a bike.

What is  an x- ray?

Ela “It is to check inside your body.”

Mrs Thieme asked if anyone else in the class had ever broken a bone!

Turns out there were quite a few near death experiences!

I broke my finger at school on the monkey bars. Lilly

I went to the school dentist and I had a tooth x-ray. Gracie

My brother broke something on his toe and it broke. Grace M

I have lots of cuts on my hands. Ela

I had an itchy back and I had to go to hospital. Tyanu

I broke my leg riding a bike on a hill. Mason

I had an x ray when I broke my leg. Declan

My mum went to the vets and she got scratched by a dog. Cameron

I went to the hospital and I had an x-ray and I got my tonsils out and I got two icy poles. Tom

I broke my hand. Ahmed.

I broke my leg riding on bumps on my bike. Spencer

My brother broke his finger but his finger didn’t break off. and then he got a kids x-ray. Noah



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