Naming our Pet Rocks!


We loved naming our Pet rock!

Grace M’s is Sparkles.

Lilly’s is Bonny

Sean’s is Goldie.

Elaina’s is Rose.

Grace H’s is Olivia.

Scarlet’s is Pinky

Tom’s is Fluffy.

Spencer’s is Rocky in the pocket.

Mason’s is Rusty.

Tyanu’s is Kitty.

Noah’s is Jojo.

Zoe’s is Twinkle Toes

Ben’s pet rock is called Fishy.

Declan’s is Fire.

Cameron’s is Bailey.

Tori’s is Rosie

Sabrina’s is Poppy.

Emily’s is Layla.

Gracie’s is Katie.

Ahmed’s is Pet Rock.

Ela’s is Fluffy and it’s a Japanese Spitz!


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