Skeleton Art!

week-5-term-1-064 We made our own skeletons from cotton buds ! We all created our individual skeletons! We did an amazing job. We then were able to label the parts by telling Mrs Thieme what the bones were called and why we needed them.

We also had a go at drawing skeletons with white crayon and then painting over them with a black edicol dye!!!!

It was fun seeing our skeletons appear!

week-5-term-1-040 week-5-term-1-041 week-5-term-1-042 week-5-term-1-043 week-5-term-1-044 week-5-term-1-045 week-5-term-1-046 week-5-term-1-047 week-5-term-1-048 week-5-term-1-049 week-5-term-1-050 week-5-term-1-051 week-5-term-1-052 week-5-term-1-053 week-5-term-1-054 week-5-term-1-055 week-5-term-1-056 week-5-term-1-057 week-5-term-1-058 week-5-term-1-059 week-5-term-1-060 week-5-term-1-061


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