On the Long Weekend!

On the long weekend…..

I went to the shops and I bought a bag and a watch. Sabrina

I did a painting of a rainbow. Scarlet

I watched TV. I watched StoryBots with Radar. Zoe

I  watched the ipad and I played games and I stayed at home. Ben

I played with my sister and I really I really loved watching Paw Patrol. Lilly

I went to lots of games in the games shop. Spencer.

I went to Jurien bay with mummy and daddy and my brother. We went swimming. Tom

I went in my pool with my mum dad and tTamsin but not  Molly. She was playing on her iPad. Gracie

I go to the bus station with mummy and daddy and Ayesha. Ahmed

I went to James party. There was a swimming pool. Mason

I went to somebody’s party. I liked the cake. Tori

I went to work with my dad and I had my lunch in my lunch box. Noah

It was my birthday and I like to eat the cup cakes. Emily

I went camping and I played with my cousin and I played so much. Cameron

I went to the zoo and I saw a blue tongued lizard. Declan

I went to the park. Tyanu

I went to bowling and I didn’t actually win. It must be daddy that won. Ella-Rose

I did painting. I had something for dinner.I had vegetables.Mummy cooked it. Elaina

I went in a plane. Sean

I went in the pool with my mummy and daddy and Leo. Grace M

I went to the movies. I saw Sleeping  Beauty and I went with my friends Chloe and Chloe. Ela


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