The Fun Run!

We have been so excited about the Fun Run! Counting down for weeks!

Finally the fun run took place! We felt like we had been waiting for ever!!! We all marched outside  to the big oval! How exciting. We had a look around the pitch and Mrs Thieme told us what direction to run in!


We could hardly wait! Then Mr Boylan told us we could go and we were off!!!!!!!!

A lot of us got lost on the first lap!!!!!! Mrs Thieme is still not sure where we went but we took a long time to get round!

It was so exciting and so much fun! We ran and ran.

We were told to run between the blue and white cones. We were also supposed to see a  teacher for each lap run!!!!!!Well to start with, it was all so exciting that we ran and ran! We ran past Mrs Thieme and Mrs Cullen and forgot to get our laps marked off!!!!

Some of us learned a few shortcuts!!!!! Some of us cut through the middle, and through any shortcut we could find! !!!!!No wonder some of us reckoned we had run 400  laps!!!!!!!

Some of us bumped into each other, some of us ran with our friends and some of us ran with mum and dad. Some of us felt a little overwhelmed!

But the main thing was….despite the heat…and boy was it hot, we enjoyed ourselves!

We made sure we drank loads of water!!


Mason completed the most laps with 37! Well down Mason.

Spencer was a close second and Declan was third!


Mrs Thieme tried to tell us she did 100 laps but we knew she didn’t do any! She had the real easy job, just marking our backs and spraying us with water!  She looked exhausted after it too!

Luckily Cameron helped her out with the marking!

After the Fun Run, we were supposed to have a Bush band but they cancelled at the last minute! Were we bothered?

No, Not at all!

We got to play fun games till lunch time!

We all want to have another Fun Run next week but Mrs Thieme says that even though she had so much fun with us today…………it is not happening!!



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