I Am Special!


I am special because…………………..

Mummy reads me books. Tyanu

I love going to the park. Emily

I can do cartwheels. Grace H

I can swim without floaties. Ela

I love animals. I love cats and unicorns and dogs. Ella-Rose

I can do a back flip. Sean

I can ride a motorbike.  Spencer

I love going on a big slide when I’m older I am going to be taller than mummy and daddy. Lilly

I play football. Ahmed

I go to karate. Elaina

My mum cooks chocolate for me. Gracie

My dad jumps on the trampoline with me and he does a funny run. Tom

I can swim deeper than an ocean. Declan

I’m a very good cooker with my mum. Zoe

I can sink underwater and mum catches me under water. Mason

I can do a front flip. Noah

I can ride a bike with no training wheels. Tori

I can do rolly pollies. Grace M

Mum gives me hugs. Ben

I play netball. Sabrina

Ben is my best friend. Callan

I can go on a balance bike. Scarlet

I can do a side roll. Cameron


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