Our Pets!

dogWe told Mrs Thieme all about our pets!

My pets are fish. There is Cheeky and Strawberry. They live in a fish tank. They eat fish food. My daddy feeds them. I watch them swim. Cheeky swims fast and Strawberry swims a bit slow. They don’t sleep much because fish don’t sleep because they have energy. We got them from the close pet store. They are gold. The fish tank is messy and daddy cleans it out. We help him to get the fish back into the water. We have to have fish because daddy is allergic to cats and dogs fur and he sneezes.  Ela

I have a dog. It’s a girl. Her name is Daisy Belle. She’s a little dog and she’s one. She always follows me around. She follows us all. She eats dog biscuits. My dad and me and my sister and my mum take her for a walk. We walk her to the beach. She’s a bit scared of the water. I pick up the dog poo because my mum tells me to, when there is poo on the grass. Mason


I’m going to ask my daddy to get me a pet. I want a black and white dog. His name could be Joeber. He can live in Perth with me. He can sleep right next to me. Lilly

I have Nala and Molly and they are dogs. They are poodles. Mummy and dad feed them when it’s night time. I play with them. I like carrying the little one like a baby. They eat dog food and they sleep outside on their dog bed. Sometimes they rip up the wee mat and they make a mess in the laundry.  One is brown and one is black. Tori

I have a bird. It is called Emily. It is green and it lives in her house. It is a girl. She eats tiny things. We give water to her. We have different birds. We have yellow and green ones. We all look after them. Emily

I have a dog called Lottie. It is a girl. She is brown. Sometimes she is naughty. She wrecks our toys. She bites it and all the fluff comes out. She scratched the trampoline. I like throwing toys for her and she catches them. She eats dog food. My dad picks up the dog poo. When I get bigger I can pick up the dog poo.  We take her to the park and to Nannup.  Tom

I have a fish. He is gold. He eats little fish. He lives in a tank. He is shiny.  Sean

I have a dog. His name is Percy. He’s a nice dog because he plays with me. We play with the ball. He sleeps in his bed inside. He barks all the time because when people come over he thinks they are bad. He eats food that is left over. He likes the food I don’t want to eat. Daddy picks up the dog poo and sometimes mummy.  I don’t pick it up because I don’t want poo hands. Mummy uses gloves.  Elaina

I have two pets. I have Sid and Elvis. They are cats. Sometimes when Leo pulls their tails they scratch him. They eat cat food and I feed them. Sid does tricks. When I call him up here, he goes up. Elvis runs fast. They sleep on the chairs. Sid is soft on the white fur because he is ginger. Elvis is black and soft. Grace M

I have a puppy. She’s called Harley.  It’s a girl and she is fluffy white. She’s naughty when you be mean to her. Sometimes she bites and scratches when people be mean to her. She lives at my house and she sleeps in mum and dads room on her bed. She eats dog food and sometimes I feed her. I like picking up the dog poo because I am helping mummy. I take her for a walk to Burns Beach with my family.  Gracie

I would like four cats. I would play with them and they would sleep on my bed.  Tyanu

I have a dog called Ozzie. He is brown and black and he sleeps on his bed. He eats dog food.  We take him to the park and we play with him. My mum picks up the dog poo when she has gloves on. I don’t like picking it up because they smell disgusting.  Noah

I have a dog called Winston and fish. We normally take Winston out for walks. He eats dinner when we eat dinner. He eats biscuits and chicken because he is allergic to chocolate and anything like that. He normally sleeps on a cushion outside and he curls up on the cushion.  He is naughty. One time when we took him out for a walk he pulled on the lead and he choked and he vomited.  One time he chewed a pretend dog and he came inside but he wouldn’t settle.  Grace H

I would like a cat. When it’s my mum’s birthday she’s going to get a cat. My dad wants a snake and a dog and my mum wants a cat and my sister wants a cat and I want a cat. I have to wait for it. When I get one I will feed it and give it some sleep and give him a bed. I will take him to places and I will give him walks.  Ben

I have a cat called Tahi. It’s black and it is a girl and she sleeps. She likes to eat chicken and me and mum feed her. She always licks me on the cheek. She plays with me and she likes playing outside at the back. She runs and she hides from me in the long grass and we play hide and seek.  Spencer

I have a dog called Radar. It’s a boy and it is brown and black and white. It sleeps in my mum and dads bedroom. Sometimes he is good and sometimes he is bad. He barks at me sometimes because he doesn’t like me patting him. He loves me playing with him. He’s got a chicken and he’s got a ball. Mum and dad say he can’t play with the ball anymore because it’s too bouncy and he might hurt himself. Mummy picks up the dog poo. She doesn’t like it.  Zoe

I have a cat called Pascal. It is a boy and he sleeps on our bed. He eats cat biscuits. He protects me from other cats. He sometimes bites me and Xavier because he thinks that’s the right thing. He doesn’t listen to me because he doesn’t know our words.  Declan

I have a cat called Soxy. It is black and white and it is a girl. She lives in our house and she eats cat food.  I like picking her up and I put her in the TV room. She watches TV. I watch “ABC Kids” and she watches it. We sit on the couch. Scarlet 

I have a turtle and he is called Daisy. It’s a boy and he eats snails and water. I keep him in my swimming pool. He is small. We got him from the beach. I found him. He likes the pool. He swims and he drinks. I feed him and I swim with him. Sabrina

I would like a lion from the zoo.  Ahmed

I have a cat called Kwazii. Sometimes he is nice. When I pat his head he eats. He eats cat food. He lives in my house. He sleeps in Lincoln’s room and in mummy and daddy’s room. The only cat I am not allergic to is our cat.  With other peoples cats I flare up. He is black and white. He plays ball. He likes to play with lots of balls. I throw so he can go and run for it. He runs to me and drops it.  Cameron

I have a fish and a dog. My fish is Gobble and my dog is Abbey. We all look after them. Mummy and daddy pick up the dog poo. We don’t because we are too little. Mummy and daddy have to do everything. When mummy is working daddy cooks dinner and when daddy is working mummy cooks dinner. Callan




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