Pet Art!


We have been very artistic!

We had a discussion all about our pets. We had to draw our pet from scratch! A few of us were not happy about this. We did not think we could do it!!!! But look at the pictures below! We did it. We inked over the template of our pet, stuck it down on the paper and rolled a different colour paint over it. Our original drawing is also on the paper.We did a fabulous job!


week-5-term-1-010 week-5-term-1-011 week-5-term-1-012 week-5-term-1-013 week-5-term-1-014 week-5-term-1-015 week-5-term-1-016 week-5-term-1-017 week-5-term-1-018 week-5-term-1-019 week-5-term-1-020 week-5-term-1-021 week-5-term-1-022 week-5-term-1-023 week-5-term-1-024 week-5-term-1-025 week-5-term-1-026 week-5-term-1-027 week-5-term-1-028 week-5-term-1-029


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