Our Thoughts on the Fun Run!

On Friday we drew pictures of the Fun Run and shared a thought!


I liked drinking my milk. Tom

I liked the hot dog and the drinks. Grace H

I liked running with my mum and my sister and my friend. Ben

I loved running and I ran again st Spencer and I was the fastest and Spencer was a bit slow. Mason

I liked running with my daddy. Ela

I was running in circles with Tom.I had bread and cookies for lunch.Mummy watched me. Daddy was at work. Ella-Rose

I liked running with my mum. I had a sausage sizzle with tomato sauce. Scarlet

I liked my lunch order. Grace M

I liked running.I was doing marks.I was helping Mrs Thieme and Mrs Cullen. Cameron

I liked running with Mason. Tyanu

I liked the water spray. Emily

I run with mummy. Ahmed

I liked the water bottle spray.I was running with my friend Tara. Tori

I run with Noah and Cameron.I loved running fast. I had a sausage bun with tomato sauce. Lilly

I liked running with Michael. Declan

I was running with Kadi. She is in high school. Noah

I liked running with Mason. Spencer

I liked running with Tori.I had lunch with mummy.I had a bacon and cheese roll. Elaina

I liked running with my dad. Sean

I liked getting sprayed with the spray bottle. Zoe

I was running. My mum watched me. Sabrina

i liked gettign sprayed by the bottle.Mummy and daddy ran with me at the oval. Callan

I ran with Zoe and we liked getting sprayed and we went to Mrs Thieme to get a mark. Gracie



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