On the Weekend!

I watched Ghost-busters with my mum and dad. Zoe

I went to Poppa’s house. They live in a hotel with a balcony and I saw lots of boats. Noah

I went to the beach with my dad. Sean

I went rollerskating with mummy. Ben

I went on my scooter to the park with mummy and daddy.Callan

I went to dancing and when we go home I saw a real snake  and mummy picked it up. It was bleeding on the floor.Tori

I did some painting. scarlet

I went to my friends house  and she did my hair. Sabrina

I played Star Wars Lego with Darth Vader in it and daddy helped me. Lilly

I go to a carnival.I was driving the  dragon train. I went with mummy and daddy and Ayesha. Ahmed

I went to the dog beach and to someones birthday. Gracie

I went ice skating in a place. It was fun. Mummy took me and Lincoln. Cameron

I went to a disco party and I had a big six chocolate cake It was Aleysha’s party. Ela

I went to a bush tucker trial. It’s where you eat food and I had a jelly snake. Grace M

I went to the park without training wheels. Tom

I played with my lightsaber. Grace H

I went to Michael’s party. There was a batman cake and a swimming pool. Mason

I go to the zoo. I see a tiger. Emily

I went to the pet shop and I got a cat that poops. You put the poop in his mouth. Ella Rose

I went to the park with mummy and daddy. I played hide and seek with Thea. It’s a bit tricky for Thea to look so  I did. Elaina

I went to a toy shop and I bought a lightsaber. It was a pretend one. Made out of plastic. It’s from Star Wars and the Jedi’s have it. Declan

I had breakfast. I had Weet-Bix. Tyanu


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