How I earned my Silver Scale!

We made beautiful Rainbow fish. To earn a silver scale to place on our Rainbow fish we had to do something friendly and nice at some point in the day. Easy!!!We always do nice and friendly things for each other all the time.

We just had to think of one and tell Mrs Thieme. She wrote down our good deed and we got our silver scale for our fish!

I received my silver scale because…………

  I was trying to find Callan. I loved him and I missed him and I gave him a hug. Lilly

I was helping Jay get away from the girls. Callan

 I helped Oliver when he fell out of the tree on his head and I helped someone who fell over in the sand pit. Declan

 When Lilly was here, I just gave her so many hugs because I love her. Noah

Someone fell over and I helped them up. Tori

I helped a boy that some girls pushed over on the little pad things. Ben

 I helped Oliver when he fell out of the mountain. Spencer

I high fived Ela because she drawed a skeleton. Grace M

I share trains. Ahmed

I helped Ela get up when she hurt her arm and she fell at the top of the mountain. Tom

 I helped a boy when he fell on the grass. Cameron

 I played with Heath nicely. Tyanu

 At lunchtime Mason’s lid was going to roll away and I picked it up and gave it back. Ela

 I gave a bracelet to Tom so it would make him happy. Ella-Rose

A girl fell over and I helped her. Emily

Me and Scarlet cuddled each other. Grace H

 Tori’s water bottle fell and I lifted it and gave it back to her. Mason

 Elaina forgot her drink bottle and I gave it to her. Zoe

When we went to see the cow, Zoe was in my way but I didn’t push her out of the way. Gracie

I hugged Tori and Ela and we were playing together. Sabrina

 I hugged Zoe because she was my friend. Scarlet

 I played with Spencer. Sean

I let Grace H and Tori play in my game of doctors where the big tree is. Elaina

Many of our good deeds seem to be related to a lot of pain and suffering going on in the playground! It is really not as dramatic as we portray!!!!


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