Our Friends!

We talked a little bit about our friends!

My friend is Tom. He plays with me. We play everything. He is so nice to me every day. He hugs me every week. He holds my hand when I am lost. Ella-Rose

My friend is Lilly. I just like her. I sometimes hug her because she is very nice and beautiful. When I hug her she loves me. Noah

My friends are Lilly and Mason and Callan and Cameron and Ahmed and Tyanu. I like them because they like playing with me. We like playing “Pokemon Go” on the grass and “Duck Duck Goose”. They laugh at me when I fall down in the sand pit and they think I am funny. I laugh too. Spencer

I like to play with Mason and Callan and Ahmed. They are so nice to me. They play games with me. Tyanu

I love Noah because I love playing with him. We play running and we play Ninja Turtles. You have to be Leo or Donatello or Michelangelo or Raphael. He loves fighting the bad guys. I love Ahmed because I love playing with Noah and Ahmed and Cameron and Tyanu. They really love me so much and they miss me when I didn’t come to school all day. Lilly

I like Lilly, Noah, Spencer, Mason, Tyanu, Tom,Cameron and Sean. They play nice. We play games and “Duck Duck Goose” They found out I was nice because they wanted to play with me. I let them play. I do bellyflopping and they just say “I want a turn”. Declan

My friend is Declan. He plays with me in the playground. We play together. Sean

My friend is Ela. She is nice to me. She plays with me. We play mums and dads outside and inside. She likes me because I am nice and we play. My mum said that I need to be nice so I am nice. Me and Ela like to draw everything. Sabrina

I like playing with my friends Declan, Zoe, Elaina, Spencer Sabrina and Grace H. I like playing with them in my crew. We like playing going in the secret igloo underneath the ground.  We like to play finding the men crew and they’re Declan and his crew. They pretend to me Neva and when we find them and we run away and hide. They are my friends. Ela

I like Ela and Lilly and Scarlet and Tori and Elaina and Declan. We play tag, up on the hill. We like playing in the vets. It’s got puppies. Grace H

My friends are Zoe and Scarlet and Tori. We play vets  because we can make the animals feel better and it’s so much fun. I like Declan. He’s the only boy I like. We have a play date together. They like playing with me and I always be nice to them. Gracie

I like Callan because he is fun to play with. We play together. We fall over together and we be silly together. When I was on the red thing I did a belly flop off. Callan went crazy. My friends think that I am fun. I like Tori and Gracie.  Ben

I like Ben because he’s kinda of the same as me. We say the same words. My favourite colour is green and red and so is Bens and we say words like pizza together. I like Gracie and Zoe but my best friends are Ben and Declan and Spencer. Callan

My friends are Lilly and Noah. They are my friends and we play whatever we want. They like to play with me. I help people and ask if they need help. Cameron

I like to play with Grace M. We play trains. I like her. She is playing. I like Tom. We play Cameron. Ahmed

I like Noah and Grace M. They play with me. We play in the playground. We just play. I hug them. Scarlet

I like Emily and Ben and also Tyanu and Noah. They are very nice to me. They play a game with me called tag. Tyanu always wins and sometimes me and Noah. I like Emily. She plays with me. Mason

Grace H is my friend. She plays with me when we just went out. She sometimes plays with me. Today we played the obstacle course.  My other friends are Gracie and Tori and Callan. I play with them in the vet’s corner. I like practising in the vets so I can be a vet when I grow up. Zoe

I like Ela because we like to play together. We play hide and seek. We do drawing and I like to draw pictures for her. I like Ben because he is funny. He says I’m going to do a belly flop on you.  Elaina

My friends are the girls. I like one boy. I like Owen. He is my friend next door. I like Tori and Ella-Rose and Lilly. We like to play in the vets. I’m a good friend because I cheer them up and I help then. Grace M

I like Grace M and Mason and Sabrina and Zoe and Tori. I like to play with the blocks. I like Tom and Noah and Sean and Tyanu and Cameron. They are nice to me and we play. Emily

My friends are Grace H and Lilly and Emily and I don’t like boys because they fight. We like to play hide and seek. We like playing vets. I am a good friend because I am kind and I help my friends. Tori

My friend is Ella-Rose. I have only one friend. I don’t know why I like her. We play. We never play hide and seek so maybe tomorrow we should. I play with everybody. Some people are mean but I am never mean. Tom



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