How much does a nappy hold?

This afternoon we conducted a little experiment!

Mrs Thieme showed us a brand new baby nappy. We thought this was very funny……….just looking at Mrs Thieme  holding it made us all laugh hysterically!!!!

Some of us started holding our noses! We do have great imaginations!

Mrs Thieme asked us why babies have to wear nappies.

Declan said, “Babies are too small to fit in a toilet and Mason agreed saying “they will fall down the toilet and get flushed away!” 🙂

We sat in a circle and watched as Mrs Thieme got a big kettle of water and started to pour it  on to the nappy!


Mrs Thieme told us the nappy was absorbing the water.!! That is a really big word!

We were amazed at how much liquid the nappy could hold. So was Mrs Thieme. !!!!!!

At the end the nappy was really heavy. It had absorbed nearly a whole kettle of water!

We then got into groups with a nappy and went outside with it. We took turns filling up the nappies and seeing how much water they could hold. It was so much fun!

Some of us  used 42 of cups of water! Wow!

We are very happy we don’t have to wear nappies anymore!



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