Rice Babies!

How gorgeous are our Rice Babies!


We finally made our rice babies!  Our individual rice babies each weighed exactly what we weighed in at birth! We found out that Cameron  and Grace M were  the heaviest babies both weighing 4.3 kg each, closely followed by Scarlet, Noah and then Gracie ! Sabrina was the lightest! She  weighed a tiny 2 kg. Callan, was the next smallest at 2.6kg.

We used  74.357 kilos of rice!!!!!!!!!!!

Our classroom had begun to look like a Chinese  restaurant. We had many varieties of rice. We had long grain rice, Basmati rice, Jasmine rice and even brown rice.

A very big thank you to our mums and dads for supplying the rice !

To make our rice babies we first measured the rice on scales.We measured the amount we weighed when we were born. We then poured the rice  into stockings.We chose the colour stocking that we thought matched our skin colour.  Our babies were completed by adding a baby blanket, hat, eyes, nose and a dummy!!! They look so cute!

                                             The Production Line!  


Any teacher that came to visit us just had to hold one of our rice babies!!!

We were very excited about making our rice babies!!!!


Our classroom miraculously turned into a maternity hospital with Mrs Mitchell as the midwife in charge!

As each baby was made we referred to it as a baby being born. So when Ela had made her rice baby we would run and tell Mrs Thieme that Ela had been born. The room was busy. We all turned into doting mums and dads.There were babies crying, babies being bottle fed,babies being rocked and sung to.  Some of us decided to put the baby under our shirts and act pregnant! 🙂

We had to learn to hold them properly and support their heads!

 Well some of us did.  It is amazing that not a single baby ended up in intensive care, as a few dads seem to have forgotten they were babies and unfortunately dropped them! Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell were so sure that some babies (no names mentioned) would require a   major operation to repair damaged tissue to the brain! We are pleased to report that these babies miraculously survived the week!

Some of us made a cot for our babies. We talked about what a babies cot needed and we did a great job though some of us forgot to measure our baby beforehand and some babies were a little too big for their cots!

We could not wait to take them home on Friday!




  1. Lilly’s rice baby rode home safely in a carseat, went to bed in Sofia’s dolly’s cot and ended up spending the night in Lilly’s bed. Everyone loves Lilly’s rice baby.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessica · · Reply

    Elaina was so excited to show everyone her rice baby. She even gave her sister instructions on holding her baby properly, it was all very serious business at our house. Great choice of activity Elaina loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww! So lovely to hear those stories about Lilly and Elaina’s babies! So glad they enjoyed it!


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