Guess the Beautiful Baby!

We had great fun trying to guess who was who! We were pretty good with our guessing! Some of us looked so similar to the way we look now.

We just loved having everyone guess who we were…and sometimes we just could not hold  back and had to shout out “It’s me!”

A few of us did not recognise ourselves and when no one guessed who we were, Mrs Thieme asked the owner of the photo to stand up! We did have one situation where Lilly and Ella-Rose  stood up for the same photo both convinced that the photo was them!

Callan was so funny! He tried to convince us “I did not bring in a photo!” Even when we pointed out the photo that we thought was him…he flatly denied it. “That’s not me!” We checked out the photo and compared it with Callan! Blonde curls, yes, beautiful brown eyes, yes!

Callan  could not be persuaded! “NO! That’s not me!”

Mrs Thieme asked “Why else do we think this is Callan?” Mason was quick. “He’s got a messy face!”

Mrs Thieme was finding it very hard to control her laughter! In the end she had to take the photo off the board and show Callan, his name on the back!

He read his own name and started to laugh. “It’s me!” he said!

So funny!

Mrs Thieme’s and Mrs Mitchell’s photo were a little bit different to ours. The colours were not as bright. Mrs Thieme’s was black and white! Why was this so?

 We were not sure………….

We had a few guesses.   Sabrina was sure the photographer had wanted to use the grey colours. Thanks Sabrina! Grace M said ‘It’s old!” and Ela said “It’s from the olden days.”

 Mrs Thieme thought the conversation was definitely getting out of hand!!!!!!!

Time to move on!


We were beautiful babies and we are all beautiful children!



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