On the Weekend!

On the weekend ………………………

I went camping and my brothers raced bikes. Tori

I did rockets out of squishy things and there was a battery. The rocket went super high and it touched the clouds and a parachute came out and it was super windy and the wind pushed the rocket far away. But my daddy got it.It was in the bush. Mason

I went to the park with Declan. Tyanu

I went to three parks and a bush walk and I learned to do the splits. Ela

I ride a bike with Ayesha and I fall down in road. Ahmed

I had breakfast and it wasn’t in a bowl. It was on a plate.I had eggs sunny side up. Noah

i went to Robbie’s party and I went on a big slide. Tom

I made a sandwich with lettuce and butter and I made it with my daddy. After my tea I got a doughnut. Elaina

I went to golfing. You hit it with a stick and you can throw it in a circle with a hole.It’s like bowling but it’s not bowling. Ella-Rose

I went camping. Sean

I went to watch my Grandad play football.He fell down but someone helped him up. Grace M

I went to the beach with mummy and daddy. Emily

I went out to dinner with Nan and Pop. Declan

I went tot he beach with my mummy and daddy and mummy helped me build a sandcastle. Callan

I went to church.It was my favourite church. They have toys. Sabrina

I went camping with mummy and daddy and Molly and Tamsin. There was a bouncy pillow. Big boys were bouncing me and I went splat down. I loved it. Gracie

I went to the beach with mummy and daddy and even Holly. Scarlet

I went to my Nanna’s house and I was spatting her cat and shes got a dog. Grace H

I went to Geraldton. I played with my new cars and I went to the beach. Ben

I played with my dolls house. Zoe.


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