Birth Certificates!

 On Friday we completed our Birth Certificates we mentioned some special features that we remembered about our early days!

I was born in my pram and I looked just like me. Noah

I was born at the hospital.I was medium and I had light brown hair.I slept in a light brown cot. Xavier was only two when I was born. He wanted a sister.Declan

I had long dark brown hair.I was born in mummys tummy.I used to drink milk and eat baby food. Tom

I looked black and I had milk. Sean

I was cute and I was wearing baby clothes.I had a booster chair at the table and I ate my dinner every day. It was chicken bacon pasta.Callan

When I was two my hair was up.I drinked a bottle of milk.I hate dummies and I throwed it out whenever I could. Ella-Rose

I was light brown and my mum called me handsome.I was born in mum’s tummy Spencer

o of em. When I was a baby I didn’t head butt. I sometimes pinched. I ate special food.I was born in the hospital. I was born in mums tummy. Grace M

I had brown hair.I sleeped a lot. I had a princess toy and I had a big elephant. Tori

I was little and heavy.I had a small face and no hair.I drank cow milk and I fell asleep in mum’s bed. Mason

I was born in Perth and I looked like a girl. I was a small baby and I cried when I wanted milk. Lilly

I looked like a boy with spiky hair and I looked cute. I think I was born in Wales. Ela

I looked like a baby. I had black hair. Tyanu

I am small. Black hair. I sleep in a bed.Ahmed.

I was born in Summer. I was big.I had milk and baby food and my first talk was mummy mummy. Cameron

I looked like my rice baby. So cute. Sabrina

I was born at my house and I looked like a cute puppy. Mum named me Gracie and everyone liked that name. Gracie

I cried. I was sleeping in a cot. I ate broccoli that daddy cooked. Scarlet

I was born in Australia.I had a little bit of hair and I had a chubby face. Grace H

I was born in my dads ute because I wanted to see Callan and Mason and Declan. Ben

I was born in  my house.I was oval shaped and I had black hair. Emily

I ahd short hair . When I growed a little bit bigger I ate some fairy bread. I was cute. When mum cuddled me I smiled. I was born at the doctors. Elaina

I was born at the doctors.I had no hair.I had a rainbow dress when I was born. Zoe






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