Cat or Dog?

Which is a better pet? A cat or a dog?  Today we had to choose one and give a reason for our answer!

Dogs because they sleep. Emily

Cats because they don’t bark.Scarlet

Cats because you can hold them. Zoe

Cats because they can purr on peoples laps. Grace H

Cats because he plays and he can share. Ahmed

Dogs because you can get babies.Tom

Dogs because you can take them for a walk. Sabrina

Dogs because we can play with them. Gracie

Cats because you  can lift a cat. Ella-Rose

Cats because they can climb really really high and dogs can’t. Ela

Cats because they can ran fast, Cameron

Dogs because they can jump and cats can’t. Mason

Cats because they don’t actually grow. Declan

Dogs because they  chase cats. Callan

Cats because they are quiet. Tori

Cats because they’re soft. Grace M

Cats because you can put them in the house and say hello to them. Elaina

Cats because you can get baby kittens. Ben

Dogs because they can bark, cats meow. Lilly

Dogs because they sniff. Noah

Dogs because they can bark. Spencer

Cats because you can pat a cat. Tyanu


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