The Giving Tree!

Yesterday Mrs Thieme read us the beautiful book “The Giving Tree” by Shel Siverstein. Mrs Thieme says this is her favourite book, but she says that about all her books!!!

The cover of the book is in colour but all the illustrations in the inside are  in black and white!

.We came up with some reasons, why we thought the author did not colour the pictures.

He didn’t have any pencils. Zoe

He needed help. Emily

He was too tired. Ela

He did not want to colour in. Mason

He didn’t like colouring in. Grace M

He was too old.Gracie

He is not good at colouring in. Zoe.

It might have been in the olden days. Ela

Mrs Thieme asked what we knew about the olden days?

There was olden day cars. Declan

There was farms and the horses were older.Ella- Rose

Buildings were on fire. Mason

There were  wars. Zoe

There were dinosaurs. Grace M

It was difficult. Lilly

Olden stuff got made. Grace M

There were pirates. Zoe

All of the birds died. Spencer

Lots of stuff was black and white and there was smashed buildings and houses. Ela

There was a war and I think that’s why there were crashed buildings. Elaina

In the olden days there was a frog who drank all the water in the world and there was an animal that made the frog laugh and he giggled and then all the water came back out and he turned into a statue. Ela

Great answers!


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