I feel Scared!


I am scared of monsters in a spooky forest. Ahmed

I am scared of the dark because my eyes can’t see in the dark. That means I am scared. Tom

I am scared of nothing. Tyanu

I feel scared when I watched a scary movie. I watched Ghostbusters. I was scared when all the slime came out of the girl. Gracie

I am scared of spiders because they made a web and my mummy and daddy get rid of them. They put them in the bin and the bin men take them away. Lilly

I am scared when it’s night-time and I’m outside and it’s dark. I feel like there is a ghost behind me. Scarlet

I am scared when Jesse frightens me. I am scared of eagles because they sometimes hurt me. Noah

I feel scared if I go in a cave and I freak if someone is inside there and I run out. I am scared of the dark because I think that people will get me. Grace H

I’m scared of scary movies that are for really old people like mummy and daddy. Elaina

I am scared of the dark because when mum turns off the light I can see ghosts. My brother scares me when I watch TV. He scares me. He goes behind the wall and he scares me. Spencer

I feel scared when I hear monster sounds in my house. They sound like “ooohhhh”. I jump out of bed and call the police. I’m scared of the dark coz it’s so dark. Cameron

I feel scared of lightning and thunder. I go to mummy and daddy and they cuddle me. Zoe

I am scared of nothing.  Sean

I feel scared when mum and dad turn off the lights. Tori

I am scared of snakes, poisonous snakes. They can poison you. I am scared of cats if they bite me. Declan

I am scared of Harry Potter because it’s really scary and there are lots of bad guys in it. I’m scared of trick and treaters because we don’t know if it’s the same person and we ran out of treats. Ela

I feel scared when there is a monster and a ghost creeping in my room. My mummy turns on the light and it’s just a statue. Mason

Nothing makes me scared. Callan

I am scared of snakes. I’m scared of crocodiles because I saw them in the jungle. Emily

I am scared of the Grinch and the “Cat in the Hat” and the dark. Sabrina

I feel scared when I get out of the toilet and my sister frightens me. Ben

I feel scared when I go to the beach. I’m scared there is a shark in the water. I am scared of bad snakes. I’ve had a snake around my neck but it was a trained one. Grace M

I feel scared when I go to sleep.  I see creatures in my eyes. I just go to mummy’s bed. Ella-Rose


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