Monthly Archives: April 2017

Clever or Beautiful?

  Our latest debate! Did we think it was better to be clever or beautiful/handsome? Here  are our thoughts: If I could be either clever of beautiful/handsome I would choose to be: Clever so I can do a back flip. Callan Beautiful so I can be the beautiful crab in Moanna. Zoe Clever so I […]

Is that wine?

Mrs Thieme misplaced her bottle of balsamic vinegar that she loves to put on her salad at lunch.She mistakenly left it by her computer. The day started. We were all talking the letter J when suddenly Declan put his hand up. Mrs Thieme thought he was going  to answer her question but he pointed to […]

Anzac Day!

Yesterday some of us started talking about Anzac day. Mrs Thieme asked us what Anzac day was all about! She read us a beautiful book called Anzac Ted. We told Mrs Thieme the things we knew about Anzac Day! People get killed in wars. Spencer You have to have a special Anzac biscuit and remember […]


Tom was busy chatting while he was working. “My mum is a little bit funny but my dad is funnier! He copies me when I roll on to the matress. It is so funny.” Tom could not stop laughing as he was telling this story and so we were all laughing too!

On the Holidays!

We sure are back! We loved talking about our holidays and we had a go at writing about them. We tried to leave spaces and to sound out words! On the holidays ……. I went to the movies with my daddy and my sisters.I saw Trolls. Bailey I made cupcakes with mummy. Grace H I […]

Welcome Bailey!

Today we were all so excited because a new boy arrived to join our class!!!!! Welcome Bailey! We look forward to getting to know you!

Happy Holidays!

Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell wish all their beautiful children and families a very relaxing, safe and happy holiday! We look forward to welcoming you back next term!

The Easter Bunny!

Some of us wanted to share our knowledge of the Easter bunny! There is only one bunny so you have to be really good to get chocolate. Ela I saw him once when I was getting food in the kitchen and he was putting Easter eggs in the fridge. Declan When I was two, a […]

Why do we come to school?

Over the last two weeks we have been talking about why we come to school.Mrs Thieme asked the question. Why do you come to school? Not all of us had something to say  and some of us had plenty to say! What a variety of beautiful answers! To learn my numbers. Sean So we can […]

Our Easter Cards!

We made these cute Easter cards by drawing a bunny face and then painting the background with edicol dye! All our bunnies have their own character and personality! Happy Easter! Zoe Ben   Gracie   Declan   Ahmed   Ella-Rose   Grace H   Tom   Sabrina   Mason   Tyanu   Tori   Spencer […]