On the Weekend!

On the weekend……………

I went to someones house for a play. Emily

I went to the park. Sean

I watched Beauty and the Beast with my mum and my sister and we had popcorn and Coke. Ella-Rose

I went to the beach. I built a sandcastle with Hunter and Nina. Zoe

I went to ballet and I got pine cones from a forest and I went to see Matilda and I went to a festival. Ela

I went to the park. I saw crocodile. Ahmed

I catched the train to somewhere but I don’t know where.I played in the water fountain and there was low ones and they got higher and higher. Tom

I went to somebody’s party and I played and I had cakes. Elaina

I watched  four movies and I can remember two of them, Mulan and Monsters Inc and I had ice cream. Grace M

I did my rocket and I went to the shops and I bought chocolate cupcakes, 200 of them and I ate them all. Mason

I got a puppy. It is a black and white one and it is a boy and his name is Ziggy. Noah

I went to the shops because we had no milk. Callan

I played with the Barbies with my sister Eva. Scarlet

I went to the cinemas but I didn’t watch a  movie.I went on a scary ride with hot air balloons. Gracie

I went to the beach and the movies and the park to play with Archie. Tyanu

I went to the movies. I saw “Boss Baby”.Tori

I went to the shops with mummy and daddy and I bought chocolate. Grace H

I went to my friends house and she did my hair and my mum fixed my hair. Sabrina

I went to the beach and I watched the waves and I went with my sister. Ben

I went to tennis with Gran and my family. Lilly

I watched a movie at home. It was the BFG. Declan

I went to the drive in and I saw Beauty and the Beast.Spencer



  1. Clair Musker · · Reply

    My god I sound like a wonderful mother!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Did make me chuckle! The things they come out with! 😉


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