The Sense of Smell!

On Friday Mrs Thieme asked us if we identify a place by the smell alone!

We we had some great answers!

Mackers. Gracie

The beach because I can smell the sea. Grace M

The cafe. I can smell hot dogs. Cameron

The Maze because I can smell the water. Scarlet

The chocolate factory because I can smell the chocolate. Tori

The bread shop where I can small bread. Zoe

The chippy house where I can smell chips and nuggets. Noah

Bunnings. I can smell the chocolate there. Mason

The pub. I can smell cheeseburgers. Declan

Bakers Delight where i smell bread and a horsey place where you ride horses, I can smell horse poo!. Ela

Then Mrs Thieme told us that there was a certain part of the shop Myers where  she always knew where she was because of the smell!

Could anyone guess?

Ela guessed the toilets!!!!

That made us all laugh. Mrs Thieme  then clarified that it was a really nice smell and Elaina guessed correctly that it was the perfume section!


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