Hot Cross Buns and Butter!

We had fun eating Hot Cross Buns today! We had quite a variety! There were plain, chocolate, apple, traditional and coffee.

Mrs Thieme asked us what we knew about Hot Cross Buns!

Cameron said “you can cook them”, and Grace H said that “you bake them and they are hot.”.

Mason told us “It’s got a white cross on it so it’s a  Hot Cross bun.”

Elaina said “there is gluten in them.”

Zoe told us “it looks like a cross on it, but it’s not.’

Grace M said “it’s like a treasure hunt but it is real.”

Mrs Thieme then told us we were going to make some butter.She asked us if we knew where butter came from! We had a few thoughts!

Ahmed said it was “The kitchen”

Declan said “the farm”

Gracie thought  ” melted cheese”.

Grace H agreed and said “cheese that was mashed”.

Mason said “you mix jam and cheese”.

Ela told us “from the farmer and he farms it from cheese.”

Zoe guessed “a  horse” and Scarlet told us it came from a”cow and a goat” “

Mrs Thieme told us we would all be making our own butter.

 We had a discussion on cows, milk and cream and then we all got to make our own butter. We each had a small container filled with cream. We had to shake the container with all our might.

Our hands and arms were getting tired so Mrs Thieme put on one of her favourite songs which just happens to be “Shake It” by Metro station.

That made the shaking fun and we all danced as we shook our containers and made butter successfully though a few of us complained about sore arms!!

The best part was spreading it on the Hot Cross bun and eating it!

 We declared them awesome!


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