Easter Fun!

Today was a very busy day!!!!! We had our faces painted and we all turned into bunnies.We wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny.We told Mrs Thieme exactly what to write in our letter. We told the Easter Bunny that we had been good and we asked him very nicely , if he could visit our class.

Mrs Thieme tried to trick us. When she was supposed to write down, “please come to classroom LA4”, she wanted to write “please come to Mrs Thieme’s house”. But we are too clever.

 She can’t trick us!

We placed our Easter baskets  on a shelf so if the Easter Bunny did happen to be passing he would see them!

We were so excited!

Some of us were sure we even caught a glimpse of him! Some of us found footprints  and fur outside in the playground!

When we got back into the classroom!!! WOW! Whilst we had been outside the Easter bunny had sneaked into our classroom and filled up our baskets with eggs. We could not believe our eyes!

He had sneaked in through the front door. He left his prints everywhere.

It was a  very exciting day!



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