The Easter Bunny!

Some of us wanted to share our knowledge of the Easter bunny!

There is only one bunny so you have to be really good to get chocolate. Ela

I saw him once when I was getting food in the kitchen and he was putting Easter eggs in the fridge. Declan

When I was two, a long time ago I woke up and I saw the Easter Bunny  outside. I was ducking down. Ben

He hops and he puts chocolate on your bed. Cameron

He eats carrots. Elaina

He brings us delicious eggs. Tom

The Easter bunny has so many eggs he needs a big giant sleigh to carry all the eggs in a giant sack. Ela

He lives in a burrow. Grace M

If you are asleep you might get some eggs. Scarlet

He delivers to every single child in the whole wide world. Zoe

The Easter bunny will run away if he sees you. Cameron

The Easter bunny looks at how good you are  and then he brings you eggs. Grace M

If I am good girl the Easter bunny will put eggs in the house and then I see footprints. Lilly

We get chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny but we have to stay in bed. Mason

I found two Easter eggs right near my front door from the Easter Bunny. Declan

You have to stay in bed so you can get chocolate. Tyanu

When I was in Kindy I saw the Easter bunny. Sabrina




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