Why do we come to school?

Over the last two weeks we have been talking about why we come to school.Mrs Thieme asked the question.

Why do you come to school?

Not all of us had something to say  and some of us had plenty to say! What a variety of beautiful answers!

To learn my numbers. Sean

So we can learn stuff so we can get bigger. Ela

I like to play. Emily

I can play in the vet corner.Scarlet

We have to learn things. Zoe

So I can play with the toys. Mason

To play with Lilly, Callan and Noah. Cameron

For Disco Friday. Sabrina

To play with your friends. Ben

So we can learn about learning letters. Callan

So you can be the bell ringer. Zoe

To learn about numbers . Tori

To go on the slide. Grace H

We get to do the birthday interview. Elaina

So we can read books in the book corner. Mason

To learn about numbers and stuff. Declan

To play. Gracie

To listen to the teacher. Emily

To listen to the news that Mrs Thieme tells us. Spencer

To make friends. Ella-Rose

I love doing things and I love school. Lilly

To learn our letters. Ben

So you can read us a book. Sabrina

To give someone a present.Ella-Rose

To get better at stuff. Declan

I get to play in the sand pit. Tyanu

You get to be the King and Queen. Grace M

So I can have fun. Ben

To play in the home corner and we can do puzzles. Grace H

To cross my legs. Ahmed

We can have lunch and fruit. Gracie

I need to learn how to read. Tom

To write and when you write you can get better at it. Grace M

So I can play in the playground with my friends. Ela



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