On the Holidays!

We sure are back! We loved talking about our holidays and we had a go at writing about them. We tried to leave spaces and to sound out words!

On the holidays …….

I went to the movies with my daddy and my sisters.I saw Trolls. Bailey

I made cupcakes with mummy. Grace H

I went to IKEA and I played with the ball thing. Scarlet

I went to golf. I went with my Nan. Callan

I went to the beach. Sabrina

I went to the movies, mummy and me. Grace M

I went to the shops. Ahmed

I went on the Bananas in Pyjamas and the helicopter. Tyanu

I went camping to caves and my nanna has a new dog called Remmy. Mason

I went fishing and my sister caught a snapper.I catched blowies. Ben

I went to my nNanas and I had breakfast.I had bacon and eggs. Tori

I went to the shops and I bought a fairy door. Ella-Rose

My aunty came to my house. We played Barbies. Elaina

I went to my mum’s birthday. I had a piece of paper and I drew my mum with a happy face. Gracie

I played golf with Lincoln and I saw crabs. We went to the toilet when we needed to in the bushes and there was two big yellow crabs. Cameron

My dad got a shark. My dad was scared of it. It was a baby one. Declan

I played baseball. I played on the trampoline. Spencer

 I went to the dinosaurs. I went with mum dad and Sofia, Henry, Jacob and me. Lilly

I played spider man and a game. Noah

I went to golf with mummy and daddy and Alex. Tom

I had a walk on the Fremantle pirate ship. I also went on Joondalup slide, and I also saw Matilda the musical twice and it was good fun.I saw Beauty and the Beast show. The End. Ela

I went fishing. I catched a big whale. Sean


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