Anzac Day!

Yesterday some of us started talking about Anzac day. Mrs Thieme asked us what Anzac day was all about!

She read us a beautiful book called Anzac Ted.

We told Mrs Thieme the things we knew about Anzac Day!

People get killed in wars. Spencer

You have to have a special Anzac biscuit and remember all the people that got killed in the war. Ela

My Grandad fought in the war but he didn’t die. Grace M

I got up when the stars were still up and I went with my family to watch and I was cold and tired. Tori 

It’s when we had a war and our guards died. Elaina

My dad was in the war. He was in the Dad’s war. Mason

In a war there are actually weapons. Declan

People have a big long battle and they drive tanks and trucks. My Grandad Pete was in the war.He’s my mums Granddad Pete and he didn’t die. Cameron

When you get hurt in  war you actually lose bits of your heart. Declan Awww!

My dad used to be in a war. Bailey

Then we had a chat about the Anzac ceremony and how we remembered the courageous soldiers.

Beautiful thoughts!


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