Is that wine?

Mrs Thieme misplaced her bottle of balsamic vinegar that she loves to put on her salad at lunch.She mistakenly left it by her computer.
The day started. We were all talking the letter J when suddenly Declan put his hand up. Mrs Thieme thought he was going  to answer her question but he pointed to the bottle and asked,”Is that wine in there Mrs Thieme?”

Everyone forgot about sounds and letters and their eyes all went straight to the bottle.

“That is wine!’ announced Spencer. Graice disagreed, “No it’s chilli sauce!’ Mason thought it might be hot sauce and Ela said ‘It’s wine!”

Mrs Thieme laughed and explained what it was! A bottle of Balsamic Vinegar for her salad!

A lot of us did not  believe Mrs Thieme  so she took off the lid so that those of us who wanted to, could smell the vinegar!

Most of us were unimpressed!

She would like to set the record straight to any children who went home and told their parents that Mrs Thieme was drinking red wine at lunch time….it’s not true!



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  1. Jessica Thackwray · · Reply

    LOL great start to term 2!

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